Association of Chicana Activists

La Rosa y La Paloma

The logo of Association of Chicana Activist was inspired from the lives of "La Mestiza." Her face has a rose which covers her right eye. The flower is releasing a drop which could be a dew drop or even a tear. This element symbolizes the dreams and hopes of our childhood. But it's also the frustration and pain over the troubles and challenges that confront us, and conspire to keep us oppressed. From her left eye emerges a dove in flight. This represents the desperate search for liberation, self-determination, self-sufficiency and love of self. The A.Ch.A. logo is to a degree a self-portrait of every Chicana. We must stretch our wings out wide, follow our dreams, and surmount every obstacle.


The logo was firs conceived at an A.Ch.A. gathering. The artist, Silvia Bustamante, graduated form San Diego State University and completed her graduate school at the University of San Diego in 1996.